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DJI Goggles just got better looking and more powerful, so you can experience FPV racing in style and without traditional restraints. DJI Goggles Racing Edition (RE) features a redesigned metallic matte black visor and headband, along with padding covered by high-quality red leather. Precisely engineered for racing, DJI Goggles RE are compatible with an OcuSync video transmission module and a high-performance camera module, which work together to transmit digital video signals from up to 7 km away with latency as low as 50 ms, in addition to an analog signal. Fly with smooth, clear video and experience the thrill of drone racing like never before.

DJI Goggles deliver FPV video with ultimate speed, stability, and clarity. The OcuSync Video Transmission Module offers 2.4 and 5.8 GHz dual-band digital video transmission with latency as low as 50 ms and a maximum control range of up to 7 km. Equipped with an array of powerful features, such as 1280×960 HD transmission, and automatic Frequency-Hopping Spread Spectrum (FHSS) transmission, this module is compatible with a variety of multi-rotor and fixed-wing aircraft. Packed with advanced tech and features, as well as external modules to suit a variety of setups, DJI Goggles RE achieves immersive drone racing that is unparalleled.

Gimbal Control

In Head Tracking Gimbal mode, a user can control the gimbal camera just by putting on the Goggles and turning their head.

Flight Control

DJI Goggles RE use bottom-up processing, which means a signal reception module isn’t required. By connecting a third-party controller to the Goggles, users can directly control racing drones with an F3, F4, KISS, Naze, or any other supported flight controller.

On-Screen Display

Essential flight information, including transmission resolution, battery level, and signal quality, is easily visible on the screen.

Digital & Analog Transmission

In addition to HD digital transmission, DJI Goggles RE offer analog transmission via their SMA port.

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12x de R$ 491,66
R$ 5.900,00
Comprar Estoque: 5 dias úteis
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